Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terrorism is extremely rare, so refuse to be terrorised!


Great article by the Register concerning the rarity of terrorism and why you shouldn't be terrorised.

If we react to any incident with fear and panic, then the instigators will have achieved their aims.Their goals are to disrupt of our way of life, actually killing people is just a means to that end and is a very secondary goal. So even if their attempts to commit mass-murder fail, they still achieve their goals if we overreact, which we inevitably do - every single time. We close the stable door after the horse has bolted, we crank up the colour coded alerts and a hysterical media frenzy whips everyone into a state of, um, well, TERROR! We, (the media, governments and public at large) collectively, are doing their work for them! They must be laughing their arses off when they see how we react on the extremely rare occasion that one of them tries to blow up a plane, even when he screws it up royally.

Via Bruce Schneier


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