Monday, March 29, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Hubble Dark Matter Map

This is really cool!  Although you can't see dark matter, you can see its effects on the universe around it. Check out this link for the map and some great info on how it was created:

Scientology google ads:

"you are not your fears, your past or your who are you?" followed by a link to their site which I will not utter here (gratuitous Gandalf quote notwithstanding).

I know Google ads are sometimes incongruous with the content of the page they find themselves on, but this takes the biscuit: scientology ads on Google Reader, mixed in with my science and skepticism feeds: WTF, Google?! This is like crack for many people who're feeling a little down, lost or confused. Manipulative bastards.

And speaking of cults and manipulative seems the current pope tried to get the last one to do something about the rampant sexual abuse in the worldwide church. Easy enough to blame the dead guy, isn't it? "It was like that when I got here, guv, honest". Not sure what to make of this, but it sounds to me like propoganda to muddy the waters.

India Knight nails it in this piece on her disgust with catholicism:

Korean "war" II :

Not yet.....

It seems the South Korean Navy's ship was probably sunk by a naval mine, not a torpedo. But there are questions to be answered here: Whose mine was it? Was the mine in South Korean or international waters? A tragedy for the families of the dead, but at least it's not imminent war.

My light cone: Coming up on Delta Trianguli (4 weeks away)

Delta Trianguli is 35.4 light years away and only 4 weeks from the outer surface of your light cone - your ever-growing sphere of potential causality - which began its expansion from Earth on December 21 1974.

See ya next week for #MM!

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